Community cleanup and clinic planned for Beaches Disc Golf Course in Ashbridges Bay Park

Marlon Canales plays disc golf with his children Christian and Carina. Photo: Submitted.


Disc golf enthusiast Marlon Canales, with the help of the City of Toronto, is hosting a disc golf clinic and community cleanup event on Sunday April 24, at the Beaches Disc Golf Course in Ashbridges Bay Park.

“It’s a super fun sport that is inexpensive and a fantastic way to get kids and adults outside to participate in an activity all together,”said Canales of disc golf.

At the event, meant for parents/caregivers and children under the age of 13 who are largely new to disc golf, participants at the April 24 event will learn to play the sport and also help clean surrounding area of the park and around Woodbine Beach of litter.

“Keeping the course and the beaches clean contributes to the overall sustainability of the sport,” said Canales.

Qualified instructors will run the disc golf clinic at the event, explaining the rules of the game as well as demonstrating how the disc is thrown. Then participants will take part in an actual disc golf game on the Beaches Disc Golf Courses North Course with the help of some volunteer guides. (The North Course is the only disc golf layout open as the South Course has been removed at this time while the city monitors the area where it was located during the spring bird migration season.)

Disc golf can be thought of as similar to golf, said Canales. Participants throw a disc and try to get it into a basket on a pole with the least number of throws as possible.

“All you need is one disc and you can hit the course and get exercise and enjoy the wonderful sport,” said Canales.

He said playing at the course is a great family activity.

“My favourite memory is learning to play disc golf at the Beaches Disc Golf Course with my five-year-old daughter (turning eight next month). Going out to play rounds and throwing discs alongside her and watching her improve and enjoying herself while sharing an outdoor activity with me was amazing. It still is actually.”

Registration is necessary to take part in the clinic and the cleanup. The event is free. The discs will be supplied (but not to keep). The Beaches Disc Golf Course is at 10 Ashbridges Bay Park Rd.

To register and for more information on how to take part in the event, please contact Marlon Canales at

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