PDGA Dragon Koi Axiom R2 Neutron Crave Disc

CA $21.99

  • Disc: Axiom R2 Neutron Crave
  • Good For: Straight to stable drives
  • Disc Type: Low speed fairway driver
  • Flight Numbers: 6.5 / 5 / -1 / 1
  • Stamp: PDGA Dragon Koi (double stamped)

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This Axiom Crave features a double PDGA Dragon Koi stamp, designed by disc golf artist, John Dorn. The image is based on an ancient Chinese tale of a Golden Koi who swam upriver, reached a waterfall and after years of jumping, finally made it to the top. The Koi was recognized for its perseverance and determination and turned it into a Golden Dragon, a symbol of power and strength.

As the first driver in the Axiom Line, the Crave’s low-speed demands and torque resistance make this an excellent disc for everyone. This disc offers a controllable, straight flight with a good level of glide to go far. This disc feels great in the hand and comes in 170 – 172 g weights.

Made from R2 Neutron, a recycled plastic line, this disc is a step to make disc golf a more reusable and environmentally-friendly sport. The R2 Neutron replicates the look and feel of the regular Neutron plastic, and has similar durability and flight characteristics as well. These are available in a black core and white rim, which differentiates them from classic MVP discs.