Scarlett Woods Disc Golf Meta Splice Disc

CA $35.40

  • Disc: Discmania Meta Splice
  • Good For: The toughest headwinds, scrambles and shots where a high level of disc stability is required
  • Disc Type: Fairway driver
  • Flight Numbers: 9-3-0-4
  • Stamp: Scarlett Woods

This Discmania Meta Splice is quarter stamped in a variety of foils, and is an extremely overstable fairway driver that will give reliable fade.

When you need absolute dependability, the Splice performs predictably even in the toughest of headwinds. As a very overstable and accurate fairway driver with low glide, it is great for all types of shots where you need extreme stability and reliability of the disc. The Splice is very useful for low speed escape shots and approaches where you can simply adjust the anhyzer angle and let the powerful fade of the Splice to work in your favour, instead of using excessive power.

Disc colours vary from light blue/grey to a dark blue/black.