2021 Canadian Nationals Satellite Lux Link Disc


  • Disc: Discmania Lux Link – Limited Edition
  • Good For: Reliably stable flight path for putt and approach shots, or putter drives off the tee
  • Disc Type: Putter
  • Flight Numbers: 2 / 3 / 0 / 1
  • Stamp: 2021 Canadian Nationals triple foil stamp by artist John Dorn

This Discmania Lux Link features a special triple foil 2021 Canadian Nationals stamp by artist John Dorn.

Pulled from our vault! This was a limited edition 2021 Canadian Nationals fundraiser disc and the rare Link mold and Lux plastic combination means very few of these are available.

As one of Discmania’s beloved molds, this deep beaded putter provides a comfortable ergonomic feel that make this disc suitable for all types of shots. The Link will provide reliably straight flight patterns even when thrown with good power, allowing dependable putter drives off the tee. A durable, premium plastic that ages well, the Lux blend allows the disc to maintain its flight characteristics over time.

Please note: Stamp colours may vary slightly between discs. The blue Links have a purple, silver and green triple foil and the pink Links have a silver, gold and blue triple foil.